sarajevo     material mediation    survival body    un-doing war

landscape of change    reappropriation of the war/post-war city

collective documenting  adaptation     destructive methamorphosis

selective destruction    survival knowledge     military space

transitional architectures

  • " Un-war is the new state of mind that enables the process of understanding, uncovering, and undoing war."

    Krzystof Wodiczko, Un-War,Harvard Design Magazine, No.42/Run for Cover, p.55.

  • "Harun Farocki and Trevor Paglen have developed unique critical and formal approaches to thinking about image-making in confronting the military realm, demanding of their viewers that they become actively involved in this thought-process, consistently looking “behind” the image to “read” the violence inscribed in it––the very thing that is at its core but that will always remain hidden to the eye"

    The Image as Machine, Niels Van Tomme, ‘Visibility Machines: Harun Farocki and Trevor Peglen’, 2014, p. 27.

  • "Debris was a medium used by civilians who individually or collectively formed a protective power in contrast to the military’s destructive power. The experience of living in a city subject to military destruction affected their ways of thinking about and interacting with the existing architectures."

    Armina Pilav, Sarajevo, Material Mediation and Survival Body, The Funambulist: Designed Destructions (11, May-June), 2017, p.41.